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CRA Representation

We’ll work with you to address any concerns about your return with the CRA. If your return is disputed or it is determined that you owe additional funds, we’ll work in your defense to get the best possible resolution.

Business Plans & Organizational Structure

If you have been planning to create a growth plan as part of your business strategy, but haven’t known where to start, or even if you just have a concept and need a plan to bring it to life, we can help!

Business Analysis & Planning

Chill Group’s experienced team will provide you with meaningful insight into your company’s operations and profit opportunities. Our team of experts will help you identify strategies and tactics that can maximize your business’s competitiveness. We are focused on your success by saving your company time and money and helping your company grow. Management Consulting Our …

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Budgeting & Forecasting

Are you struggling with balancing the books at your business? At Chill Group, we understand that planning for future while managing day-to-day operations isn’t easy. That’s why we offer small business budget planning services that work with your business strategy, to set you up for a long road of success!

Business Coaching

Owning a successful business requires a variety of skills. We can help you assessing long-term, big picture, as well as specific issues that confront your organization today. We help understand your options, listen to your concerns, and protect your vital interests. We can help you pinpoint key areas and develop a plan to meet your …

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