CRA Tax Audit Protection and Representation

Even if you complete your tax forms perfectly and submit them without issues, the CRA could still decide to audit your return.

For many business owners and even personal tax filers, this can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! With our CRA Tax Audit Protection, we’ll work with you to address any concerns about your return with the CRA. If your return is disputed or it is determined that you owe additional funds, we’ll work in your defense to get the best possible resolution.

The best part? You don’t have to do a thing! We’ll correspond with the CRA, attend all audit appointments, and review all of your documentation to ensure there are no areas of concern.

At Chill Group, we want you to use us as your expert resource. We will use our experience in financial services to your advantage, making sure you get the representation and solutions you’re looking for.

Through every step of the audit process, we will be by your side, taking care of any obligations or next steps. It’s what we do to provide tax season stress relief for our clients!

Think you could benefit from CRA Audit Protection? Schedule a free consultation with one of our trusted accountants. We’ll make it happen! 


Chill Group Book Club

There are many professional finance books out there that offer a wealth of knowledge to both business owners and individuals looking to balance their personal budgets better. But, of course, they can be costly!

That’s why we developed our Chill Group Book Club! We have 25+ titles in our collection so far, and we are always expanding. And these aren’t just any books – they’re quality, expert resources that have been reviewed and acclaimed by those in the finance industry.

Interested in reading up on finances, budgeting, business planning and more? Simply sign up for our book club! You can come pick up any book you like at any time for a small annual fee.


 Ready to learn all the inside tips and tricks from industry thought leaders?

Contact us today to become a member!


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