What our clients say

My husband and I reached out to Corey at Chill Group Chartered Professional after a recommendation from a client of my husband. Corey was extremely helpful in answering a number of questions for us. We had been looking for an accountant for many years. We have found in Corey someone who is not only knowledgable, but someone we trust. He is professional, responsive and did a great job doing our taxes this year. I would highly recommend him.

Laura Tempan

Corey has been great since day one for both corporate and personal financial needs and taxes. Extremely helpful, easy to reach, quick to respond, professional and very personable. He has always made me feel like I can ask questions and is the first accountant I’ve hired that doesn’t make me feel uneducated when I have questions.

I strongly recommend Chill Group!

Adam Ivan

Corey and his team have been nothing short of incredible as accountants and advisers since we started our relationship with them in 2016.
I highly recommend Chill Group for any size company or any individuals out there that want professional tax, bookkeeping or accounting help!

Justin H

Chill group was awesome - friendly and helpful - and got us a bigger refund! We are getting tax planning advice and even assistance with my wife's US return. Highly recommended!

Brian Howie

I don't even know where to begin. When I started my business I wanted to "do it right" from the beginning and I hired a high priced online accountant. Needless to say, it was a terrible experience. Corey and Chill Accounting came highly recommended so I decided to switch to them and I couldn't be happier. Corey goes above and beyond to help. He doesn't just know his stuff, he helps you learn and understand it all, too. Just when I think he's impressed me for the last time, he does something that helps me even more and truly amazes me. Really, this guy is the best accountant I've ever worked with and he is exactly what your business needs. I couldn't possibly be happier that I have them in my corner.

Kristeen Britton

Corey and the entire Chill Group team are exceptional. For business use, they are thorough, professional, and really go above and beyond for their clients.
I have worked with them for professional and personal taxes, and would strongly recommend them for both.
I've worked with other accountants in the past, but never have one that I actually enjoy hearing from. Thanks Corey, and keep up the great work!

Gabrielle Beauchamp

I met Corey a few days prior to coming to his office, while on an unrelated sales call in the area. I popped my head in to say hello and I was instantly greeted with the feeling that Chill Group Chartered Accountants is NOT your average firm. Visually, it has cool mood lighting that is easy on the eyes but engaging at the same time. You're also professionally and enthusiastically greeted upon walking in offered refreshments, reading material and access to a massage chair.
When was the last time you entered an accounting office, where you felt welcomed and were treated to creature comforts? This blew me away, and I knew I walked into something special.
This accounting firm is one to pay attention to, and seek knowledge from as well. Corey and his team will assist you in any questions and needs that you have. Having chatted for a bit with them, I know I can trust my business and questions, should I have them, in their capable hands.

Shayne Carter

By far the best experience I have had. Corey and his staff are super friendly and amazing to work with. He answered any questions I had and explained everything in detail. He even sat with me and gave me advice on areas or plans we could do in the future to better our tax files. I would recommend them to anyone looking to accounting or tax services. Oh and by the way they have the coolest office ever. 😊😊

Paige bourgeois