About Chill Group

Corey's Vision

When our founder, Corey Hill, CPA, CA decided he wanted to start his own Edmonton accounting firm, he had a very specific vision in mind. He wanted to take something that is traditionally seen as boring and tedious, and perhaps even painful (going to see your accountant) and turn it into an experience that would be fun and fulfilling.

Every aspect of our office portrays a warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere. Each touch point in the experience is one to be remembered as wonderful. We’ve even got an inspiration room!

About Us

What makes us different?

At Chill Group, we have a passion for driving financial success, and we value the hard-working people we create it for. We know that most business owners are people just like us – hardworking Albertans doing what it takes to care for their families and build a better life. That’s why we take a family-friendly, personable, yet skilled approach to helping you manage your finances, break down your numbers, and meet your monetary goals!

What can you expect?

We begin every working relationship with our clients by providing a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

What makes our office different

Typically, when you walk into an accounting office, the last thing you feel is “at home”. Plain white walls and sterile décor usually await you. At Chill Group, we believe there’s another way! We offer an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for our clients and their families.


Inspiration Room

Do white walls give you an unsettling feeling? Us, too! That’s why we created our inspiration room. It’s full of quotes and images of famous people throughout history who we find inspiring. From Louis Armstrong to Wayne Gretzky to Walt Disney, this is the perfect space to find motivation and reconnect with why you love your business! We want clients to leave our office feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.